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The Panmure Yacht & Boating Club

104 Kings Road, Panmure

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Bixby / Electric motor is now added to the existing General Rules of EAKFC which are paddle, peddle and sail-assisted, any other form of propulsion or watercraft is prohibited.


Membership Open Now

Single $50 or Family (2) $75

Please take note, a 1-year membership starts August 1 and expires the following year July 31. Regardless of what date you join between the months mentioned above, the expiry date is the same for that year. However, if you join in the month of June, it's an automatic rollover to the new year.


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Competition Results Summary

Welcome to the East Auckland Kayak Fishing Club (EAKFC

We organise regular fishing trips for our members in the Auckland area and further afield and meet once a month, first Wednesday of each month to be exact, – our members come from all over Auckland.

It is one of the oldest Kayak Fishing clubs around, has a heap of experienced friendly Kayak Fishermen and is also one of the most active.

It is highly recommended that the interest and application of this sport is already in action before joining as it greatly helps with your advancement in the sport. For example, roofrack or trailer to transport your kayak, the basic fishing gears 1 softbait rod and reel, jigheads 1/4oz 1/2oz, packets of softbaits of the variety of brands available. To protect yourself, a life-jacket suitable for the sport is a must and not to be taken lightly. Vhf radio is also very important, and so is the correct clothing for this water sport. Wearing thick warm clothing is not recommended as it will become a life and death situation if you should capsize, your clothing will soak in water so quickly acting as extra weight as you struggle to keep yourself afloat.

Do your research on the sport, there's plenty of information out there to learn from,for example,Youtube is loaded with it. Ask your local fish and tackle stores for tips, attend fishing seminars for more tips and tricks.

when purchasing a kayak for yourself, specially for fishing, it is highly recommended that you ask the questions, search for the reviews and experiences of others, and by doing this eliminates the disappointment later on. All kayaks have a load capacity, make sure it can handle your weight, your gears plus extras, if you don't get that right obviously it won't float and or the stability is affected dramatically.

Hope this bit of information helps in some way with your Journey of opening doors to enter and discover the full enjoyment of kayakfishing NZ along with our amazing outdoors.


What else does membership get you?

  • Club trips is a weekend away to places like Papa Aroha coromandel, Oakura north, Matauri Bay north, Rawhiti north, whatuwhiwhi north arranged by the club.
  • Safety – at least one self-rescue session arranged each year for club members.
  • Safety – fish with fellow club members so there is always someone around to help.​​​​​​​
  • Barbecue on some club days (and all away trips) supplied by the club
  • Access to the club's Facebook page where you can arrange fishing trips with other club members and ask questions etc.

Find out more on our Membership Information page.

Take a look around our website, we have typical trips and club days, competition results, links to other sites, contacts page and registration pages.

Get in touch if you wish to come along for a trip before joining. We are a closed group  on Facebook , (paid members only), where you can see lots of information regarding upcoming trips, photos, group chats,about fishing techniques, and deals for members.

You can request access to our Facebook page, but only for a limited time, one month, unless you decide to join, your there for the duration of your membership.


Complete a Club Registration Form to become a member.