The first club trip was March 2006. It was to be Omana but forecast winds of 30-40 NW moved it to Magazine bay. There was a mixture of P13's, Viking Tempo's and Cobra fish’n’dives. Probably about 20 odd people. Those that got out early and into the channel got a few snapper, but the wind got up early and drove everyone close to the rocks just past the wharf. No action there. Not much fish caught by anyone but nice sausages on the Barbie

The club started in 2006 with that first trip organised by Jackie Dainton from Beachlands and too be honest not a lot has changed, that pretty much sums up club trips to this day! Jackie ran Go Kayak and probably thought it was a good way to get people into the sport. 

The club grew steadily over the years with more than a few plans being hatched over a beer at the yacht club, there was a club newsletter for a while, local newspaper stories and “flyers”..which were put under the windshield wipers of cars parked at the fishing spots during club trips.
The club received kayaks donated by companies so started hiring these out to club members at cheap rates, the club currently has 4 kayaks, from 2 +1 plus 400 plus 440 to the top of the line Viking reload complete with ChillPod, running rig, railblaza rod holders.

The club has been run by a committee of members made up of a chairman, treasurer and committee members, these committees organised club trips, arranged speakers and planned safety training days. It has been a casual club with no real finances to speak of and generally the trophies and prizes are a bit of fun and bragging rights rather than a serious angling competition.

New members bring changes and it didn’t take long before technology started to be used with a club website created along with a club logo, the website allowed members to complete online forms for membership application and trip registration, kayak hire  forms. Finally they were moving away from spreadsheets and paper!

Following the website the club created a group on Facebook, this has seen the club gain a greater profile and to enable members to arrange fishing trips at short notice with other members.as well as exchanging opinions and tips and tricks on fishing from a kayak.

Over the years many many trips and good times have been had, there are also a number of members who have been club members since it started, a testament to the fun that has been had.

As the club continues, the basic idea hasn’t really changed, a group of kayak fishers getting together to fish new spots and old for a bit of fun and getting together afterwards for a social time.

Long may it continue.

Craig Moore

Past EAKFC Treasurer