EAKFC Club Rules  As members of the EAKFC you are expected to abide by the following club rules:

1.    All members must respect and abide by decisions made by club officials or organizers of any club-sanctioned fishing trip, competitions, special event, or activity as the safety of all members during these events is paramount.

2.    All members must at all times wear and supply clothing and safety equipment that is fit for the purpose for kayak fishing.  If in doubt about what constitutes “fit for purpose” the member should consult with a committee member.  Wearing a PFD (personal floatation device) and VHF Radio is compulsory on all club days.  

3.    Members must demonstrate on an annual basis their ability to self-rescue.  The club will facilitate self-rescue training.

4.    Only fish officially weighed in at club events will be considered for club prizes.

5.    Members are responsible for their own safety and that of any family or guests invited by that member to attend a club activity.  EAKFC cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, or accident caused by or to a member/guest and their property.

6.    Guests of members are welcome to attend two events/activities held by the club before that guests must apply for membership to attend further events/activities.

7.    Members must pay an annual subscription within 30 days of the renewal date to remain a current member and be eligible for club prizes.

8.    Anyone under the age of `18 will require parental consent to join EAKFC, must also be accompnied by another adult18+) on all  club trips. It is the clubs view for safety reason the register with an adult member from their family who is an expereinced Kayaker.

9.    The club membership year runs from 01 August to 31 July.   

10. New for 2021/2022. Bixby/Electric motor is allowed along with Paddle, peddle, and sail-assisted. Any other form of propulsion or watercraft is prohibited